Thursday, August 19, 2010


This is Stella!  She is a super sweet, scared girl that is here to work on her social skills, learn Intermediate Obedience skills & learn to be a more confident, well adjusted girl.  She has been here almost a week now & is slowly starting to get the swing of things.  I am going much slower with her than a normal program because she is a little chicken girl about everything & she will learn better if I let her relax a bit first before pushing into more new, scary things.  So far she has learned her manners on the leash; no pulling & respecting the space she has on the leash, heel with an auto-sit, her sit-stays & down-stays.  The rest of her time here will consist of adding a few more commands and perfecting the ones she already knows, continue her socializing the the dogs and building her confidence!! Stay tuned for more on Miss Stella!

Me: "Say Cheese"  Stella: "huh?"
(Stella's sit-stay)
Stella being a good girl & holding her down while Skook teases her
Stella holding her down-stay with the dogs as a distraction :o)

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Wanda said...

Thanks for the update. I miss my girl.