Tuesday, August 10, 2010

~~Meet Maddie!~~

This is Maddie! She is a too cute for words Rat Terrier that is here for Intermediate Obedience as well as socialization & potty training!!! She has been here since Aug 5 and is already making great progress! I gave her a few days to get acclimated with the dogs and start to learn our routine. She has learned to not jump up to say hello, no pulling on the leash, we working on getting her to ring the bells to go outside, and suprisingly she hasn't pottied in her crate at all! (That was an ongoing problem at all). She's definitely getting more confident to go out in the yard to potty by herself! Now we start her obedience along with working on her constant desire for looking for people food when she's in the house. Maddie is also making great friends & loving playtime. She is sucha sweet girl & I'm sure I'll have more great updates as her training continues!

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