Monday, August 2, 2010

Training Newbees!

After a long vacation it is very fitting to have a full schedule right when you get back. This past week has been very eventful with my new trainees & their stories......

~~Meet Trey~~
Trey is a rescued Springer Spaniel. He is an absolute love & if his family wouldn't miss him, I would just keep him for myself :o) He is going through my Basic Obedience Program and working on some behavioral problems. He can get a bit obsessive with chasing shadows, light catches..... fast moving objects in general, I'm observing. He has been with me for almost 1 week now & his progress report is excellent!!! He is such a pleaser, very smart, and moving right along with his training.  He has finished his obedience commands - heel with an automatic sit, sit & down (stays), come, & his release commands.  He's *very* good with his "no" command and isn't inclined to push to see if you're being serious or not :o)  His distractions are getting harder but he's taking them like a champ.  He held his down stay today on our PetSmart run while I made dog tags, shopped for food, checked out & talked to the cashier.  He was a bit nervous about the cart but I used his obedience to work him right through the problem.  When I notice he notices the lights or shadows, I immediately correct him & it doesn't go past that.  He really is an excellent boy & I'll be excited for his family to see him next week!!
Trey's down (stay).... and his down(stay) with Blue teasing him....

Our ride to PetSmart!

Cute boy :o) Love that face

Trey's most bestest friend, Koko (a boarding dog)

That's all for now! Check back in for more on Trey's progress!

Banjo is an 8 month old Golden Retriever pup that is hardly pup sized.  He is hugemongous!!  He is also with me for the Basic Obedience Program and some behavior modification.  Banjo is typical Golden Retriever puppy, through & through.  He just needs a good foundation of obedience and the rest will fall in place.  He absolutely need consistency because he's so happy go lucky about life.   He'll push & push in the goofiest, "I'm so cute" kind of way that it's hard to be firm with that face :o)  He is doing very well but very easily stimulated by anything that's around so we're taking things slowly with him.  More picture updates & more on Banjo's progress soon!!

This is Yuma!  She is a rescue pup as well.  She is too sweet for words & will be completing my Intermediate Obedience over the next few weeks.  She also has some fear of storms we need to start to address.  Over the last few days, I've just let her get acclimated with her new friends, the new rules & learning how to walk next to me instead of taking me places :o)  She has to do all the work herself now on a loose leash & she likes to keep a little tension on the leash just so she knows she's in charge.....not much longer though ;o)  She's making good progress & I'll have more great updates on her over the next few days!

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