Thursday, February 26, 2009

Complete Frustration

These last few days with Lucy have been very frustrating to say the least. She is constantly trying to play the catch me if you can game & she's not wanting to mind with her obedience. She's VERY defiant. No fear, just defiant. If it's not play or fun she doesn't want any part in it. Her remote collar came in yesterday so today will be a big day. We'll start the advanced part of her training & nip this catch me if you can business in the bud.

Rafter & I have a park date this afternoon. We're going to work on his social skills a bit more & practicing heeling past the heavy distractions. He needs a big of a refresher since that was in the beginning.

So, updates on Lucy & Rafter later on tonight! Have a great day everyone :)

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mrsbentley519 said...

It's funny your post is called "complete frustration" because I am completely frustrated too! :)