Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rafter's Temptations

Rafter had a pretty good day working yesterday. He's been known to be quite the thief when it comes to taking things he shouldn't have. He reminds me much like a small child that's learning to walk & they are pulling up on tables & pulling everything off of them & putting them in their mouth. He just likes to chew on & have EVERYTHING in his mouth. So we worked on just that. Resisting the temptations of having things on the ground & he has to either hold his sit or down command & completely ignore the goodies all over the ground. I think the pictures will explain better....

Rafter holding his down command while ignoring a leather glove, my shoes, a roll of tape, crunched up paper & the vacuum is running.
OOOOh, Foxie really wanted to add to the temptations. But he never broke his down.Rafter's relaxing on the envelope while ignoring the tempting roll of tape.In this exercise I have placed an open bag of treats next to him & he's been asked to ignore the food because he's in a down command. This one was really hard! The reward at the end of the exercise was of course, me giving him the treat but he didn't get to make the decision to eat the food.

Now he's holding the sit command with the treats out of the bag
He loved getting that treat at the end. All that work made him very thirsty!

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