Monday, February 16, 2009

Friday, Saturday, Sunday...

This was another big weekend. Friday I picked up Rafter for training! He's an 8 month old Bernese Mountain Dog that is here for the Intermediate Obedience! Probably one of my favorite breeds so I'm super excited about having him. He has some counter surfing issues as well as being overly friendly & jumping on anything that moves :) He is such a sweet boy but he definitely doesn't know his own size. Friday after I picked him up, he did a Petco run with me & he did pretty good. Of course he wanted to jump on everyone so I had to correct that problem so he's doing much better now. After our Petco thing, we came home for him to meet the gang & for me to work with Luc & Shelly. He LOOOOOVES the other dogs. He plays super great. He's going to be an easy "fix" so to speak. He's super willing to please. He's right on schedule so more to come on Rafter!

Shelly had a rough weekend. She's been quite the stinker when we work on the come command. She's getting better though. She stayed on her place command for about an hour on Saturday without any corrections. She's scheduled to go home Wednesday morning. Her mom & dad definitely are going to have to be one step ahead of her. She's a smart cookie :)

Lucy has made a complete 180 in her trust issues with me!! I couldn't be happier. Saturday she started to play with me & want attention from me. So awesome. Since she's trusting of me now I was able to start working on her obedience & really start her on the recovery stage, so to speak. She plays non-stop with the other dogs now when she's outside. I can put my hands in her crate while she's in there to change out her water & food. She's made tremendous strides in the last 7 days. Her momma requested a video of her playing with the other dogs so I'll try to get that this week. My next step with her is to continue getting her out in public around more people & changing her association with strangers. It may take a while but she's definitely willing to try :) Hopefully the weather will cooperate this week so I can have her & the other trainees out a lot.

Lucy chasing Diesel

Lucy, Ruger & Diesel playing chase.

Lucy - "hey Diesel, whatchya doin?

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