Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Monday, Monday.....

Today was a great day for Lucy. We went to the park & walked about 2-3 miles before my lesson with Gus. She did great. She was very alert of everything going on but very curious. She didn't seem scared at all. She was ready for a nap after our little walk though. We sat on a bench for a bit after our walk & she let me scratch her bottom & she seemed to enjoy it a bit. After working with Lucy, I walked Shelly for about a mile. She was completely over whelmed of all the people, noises, other dogs. It was very unproductive from an obedience stand point but it was great exposure for her. We'll work there again in a few days. They both can benefit from it. I didn't have to leave the leash on Lucy in the crate last night!!! She came right out & I leashed her up & we were good to go. Definite progress!

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