Monday, February 23, 2009

Latest News

I guess I'll start with Friday. Friday Murphy joined us for 6 days of boarding! I love having Murphy. He's so full of energy & always has a look on his face like life is great. I need to take lessons from him. Also I met with a potential client. She is needing a service dog. She is wheel chair bound & physically challenged in some areas where she would need an assistance dog. She is unable to afford to purchase a trained dog herself. I am going to try donate Diesel & then we'll just need to raise the money to fund the remainder of his service dog training & equipment. Please forward the information on to anyone you may know that would either like to sponser her & donate all of the money or a portion of the training. This would strictly be a charitable donation & I wouldn't be able to provide a tax deductable receipt. It's just going to have to be good old fashion helping out a person in need. Please e-mail me or call me if you need more information.

Rafter is doing great with his off leash training. He's only had a few slip ups but he's so eager to please that it doesn't take much to get him back in line. Not much to report on him. He's right where he should be & moving right along.

Lucy is still making slow progress. She's being defiant with her obedience so that's a good sign she's not feeling nervous anymore. She's just being defiant & wanting to see what she can get away with.

I know it's been a while since an update but everything has been pretty boring. Progress with everyone. Nothing excited. Please don't forget to tell people about Ms. Harrison needing donations so we can get an assistance dog for her! Thanks ahead for your help :)

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