Friday, February 20, 2009

Yay! It's Friday!!

I've tried over the last few days to get pictures & video of Lucy but I have found she is scared to death of the camera, especially the flash. I set the camera up yesterday to video her & she was so aware of it that she didn't listen AT ALL. I'm going to try & set it up outside before I bring her out & see if I can get some video of us working outside with the distractions of the other dogs running around. That will be a new one :) We'll see if she balks. We worked a bit more on her place command yesterday & she did wonderful. She stayed when I rang the door bell, knocked on the door, made the other dogs bark, threw toys around her. Foxie even came over & snuggled with her for a bit. I worked with Rafter at the same time on his "place" command as well. They both did great. Rafter only wants to get up when I leave the room.
After "place" time, we enjoyed the cooold, beautiful weather for some PLAYTIME!!Rafter has a thing for Jake, hence the stern look on Jake's face. We've had to work on Rafter's humping issues also :)

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