Thursday, October 22, 2009

~Meet Java!~

This is Java! She is a 4 month old chocolate Labradoodle. She is with me for the next few weeks for the Intermediate Obedience Program. She has been with me since this past Friday & her first week has been a hit. She is has finished her basic commands with the greatest of ease & is responding to them around pretty tough distractions. She just started her place command today (Thurs) so I didn't make her hold that command for more than about 15 minutes; small successes! She is doing great & has made tons of friends. She's plays great with everyone & is such a love. She has great manners when she meets people now & puts her fanny on the ground & waits nicely :o) She's been great to work with thus far!

Cute girl

Faith... meet Java. Java.... meet Faith. Java in a sit-stayJava in a down-stay (she held it for 5min!)

I will be starting to phase into giving her commands off the leash around controlled environments with little distraction this next week & then working into harder scenarios as the week goes on. More to come on Miss Java as the week unfolds!

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