Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Splish Splash They Were Take'n a Bath......Again

So Bella & Zoee have NO concern for being clean & all the rain & mud certainly does not help. So we're at about a bath a day for them both. It's insane!! Zoee has started her advanced off leash work. She's doing really well but still very excitable around things. It's initial crazy excitement; she goes ba-zurko for a moment & then she's good. Bella on the other hand is not as crazy about the things. She'll watch from a distance but has no inclination to venture out to see new things especially if they involve a strange or loud noise. So I'm putting off starting the advanced distractions with her until I can work her past her fear of the easier things. She is definitely making progress. Her old reaction was to scream & flail around on the end of the leash like it's out to eat her -"It's a Bella eating monster & it's coming to get me!!!!" Now she acts like she wants to run & hide but she's maintaining her commands (sit or down stay) about 75% of the time; HUGE IMPROVEMENT! So my two dirty girls are doing well & I'm taking added precautions to keep them from being disgusting but puppies will be puppies...... *sigh*.

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