Thursday, October 22, 2009

Zoe Two (With one E)

This is Zoe also! It's been fun trying to get one to pay attention & the other Zoee comes running ..... but as I was saying. This is Zoe. She's a 4 month old Lhaso Apso mix breed. She is too cute for words :) She is with me for the Basic Obedience & socialization. She was acting a bit insane on her walks when she would see other dogs..... Well that has been changed drastically. She is now playing & walking with the other dogs and responding to her basic obedience commands! She also had a weird thing with touching around her neck where she had a little anxiety & intern would snarl & snap so we worked through that as well :) She's good to go! Now it's just teaching the momma how to continue her socialization & incorporate her new commands into her everyday actvities!
Zoe holding her down :)

Zoe's boyfriend.... she looooooves him

Smoochie --- smoochie---

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