Wednesday, October 7, 2009

~Bella Update~

Little Bella has been quite a handful this past week. She is minding her commands for the most part but now that I've added in more distractions & she's going to more public places learning to mind everywhere, she's taken to acting dramatic & loud or just ignoring me all together. It's been quite comical for me but I would imagine as an outsider looking in it would seem that something is insanely wrong with her as she squeals & flops around on the other end of the leash & then composes herself. I need a camera crew following me daily to catch the silliness that my trainees throw at me. I've had her at the park around small kids & her manners of not jumping are great.... we'll see how she does once we start the off leash work ;o) She has seems to be a bit spooky of certain people; men & women where she doesn't want to say hello. No rhyme or reason that I've found; maybe she knows something I don't....hmmm??? With the rain we've had I've had to bathe her a few more times since she doesn't seem to care if she gets gross out in the yard or not. She's doing pretty well with her potty training now that the rugs are up & she knows what door to go to if she needs to go out. So yay for Bella (but more yay for Ash..... no more accident clean up). So, all in all Bella's not doing too bad. We'll work past her dramaticness & get her responding better to her commands with the new distractions & THEN.... it's time to start her OFF-LEASH-WORK!!!! So exciting!!

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