Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Itty Bitties Update

Spanky, Sandy & Andy are moving right along with their potty training & new rules. They are sticking great to the new schedule & go out very frequently. When they can't be with me, in my sight, they go in their crate & seem to love it..... especially since they know that's where they eat. They're getting along great with everyone but don't really have any interest in playing. They're quite content just snuggling with me or watching from a blanket on the couch as I work. Just over the last few days I've noticed Spanky having beef with Andy, out of no where for absolutely nothing it seems. But I'm sure they're swapping secret doggie ques that apparently Spanky's not fond of. So Spanky's been put in his place a couple of times learning that that kind of behavior isn't tolerated.... period :o) So the "Itty Bitties" as I call them, are doing great. They seem to enjoy our ride to the barn in the mornings & if I have to make quick runs here & there. They mind very well & I have had no issues with them misbehaving; they've been great!!!

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