Thursday, October 22, 2009


This is Sampson!! Sampson is an Anatolian Shepherd. He will be with me for the next 3 weeks for the Advanced Obedience & socialization with people. He's a bit of a nervous guy when he's away from his comfort zone & people so I've had to take extra time to make sure he trust me right off the bat so he will stay focused & we can make progress. He's done great so far with his socialization. I've been taking him everywhere with me (practically) so he is exposed to all different people, noises, objects, etc. He's been a bit overwhelmed with the dogs, change of environment, meeting new people, the horses, cats and so on and so on and...... but it definitely has hindered his eating; little man an put some food down :) He's getting excited when he sees me now & is starting to come towards me instead of backing away or just ignoring me. He's slowly getting better & learning the routine so I think he's going to be just great!

Sampson is pooped after working & playtime

Duke says..... what's in there??

"The look"
Duke kisses everything

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