Wednesday, October 7, 2009

*Update on Zoee*

Awww, little Zoee..... in a word; Stinker. She like a kid that wants to negotiate everything & push the limits on everything but in the most submissive, "I'm too cute, don't make me listen" kind of way. If I put her on place or in a down or in a sit stay & I leave her sight & come back into sight you'd think I'd been gone for hours! Her excitement is insane & she breaks command & we're back at the beginning. So needless to say adding harder distractions in this week has been an extra hard challenge for her. But I will perservere!! I'd rather her show the defiance at this stage in the game rather than later on :o) She is the most social, sweet little thing though. She loves playtime. She & Oliver have buddied up as well as one of my boarders, Shelly (a 1yr old Bichon). So, Zoee is doing very well & moving forward.... we just have this sticky stuff this week :o)

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