Friday, October 2, 2009

This Is Zoee!!

This is Zoee. She is a 4 month old Spanish Water Dog. She has been here since Monday & is doing very well. She is going through with the Advanced Obedience program. She is an excitable girl with two settings sleeping & crazy. She definitely needs to learn patience & needs a little confidence booster. She has a nervous/excited personality & she pees every time she sees me or anyone at that rate. Since Monday she has learned heel with auto sit, sit stays, down at my side, & down stays, place & come. I've had to go a little slower with her because everything needs to be done veeerrry slow to teach her to slow down and think. The praise is very slow & almost massaging. She doesn't need any help being excited so we're taking it down a peg & teaching her how to say hello & receive affection without the peeing & excitement. ...... that seemed a bit long winded. Zoee LOOOOVES playtime with the other dogs. She & Bella are great friends although Bella poops out before she does. Zoee & Oliver are non-stop but they need their crazy time :o) Anywho..... She is doing very well & we'll see how she takes to the added distractions this next week! More to come on Zoee!

Zoee's Down-stay

..... and her sit-stay Zoee on place. This has been great for her to learn patience :o)

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Beth said...

patience is a virtue...
my kids used to say 'stupid virtue'