Friday, October 2, 2009

Bella-bo Update!

Little Bella-bo is due for her 1 week progress report. She is doing well. She has completed heel w/an auto sit, sit at my side, sit stays, down at my side, down stays, place & come. She still needs work on down when I'm facing her or at a distance & I'd like to see her responding the first time instead of making me work for it every time but all in all she's doing well; I give her a B for this past week :o) We had a rough couple of days when she was learning the potty schedule/feeding schedule. She saw many baths this past week...heheheehe. But she is on track now & this next few weeks should be a breeze. This up coming week the distraction will get a bit harder & I'll start taking her around parks when there are lots of kids around. I would like to work on her jumping & nipping at small kids & ignoring the craziness that is little kids at the playground! More updates on Bella to come but for now here are some pictures of Bella-bo working!!

Bella & Piper saying hello! Bella holding a down while Jake is relaxing
Bella holding a down while ignoring the goodies I've laid out for her (the vacuum is running)
Bella holding her sit
Bella on place.....
Bella saying hello to Faith

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Beth said...

I love those dogs...they are so cute but even more hard headed than songede...