Tuesday, September 30, 2008

All the Girls

A quick update on Erin, Roxie 1 & Roxie 2: Erin had a vet appointment this weekend for her skin & her ears. No biggie, just some drops & creams & such. She's getting comfortable with me & starting to test her limits; which is good so I can get it out of the way & she can go back to being a good girl.

Roxie 1 is staying a bit longer with me. I'm starting to wonder if she's not much younger than the breeder let on. . . . . Anywho, she's coming along nicely & starting to respond much better off the leash. She's funny, when I tell her no when she's starts to run through the house at the speed of light she slides on her belly & lays out like a frog & waits until she thinks I'm not paying attention again. It was a very hard weekend for our family so she spent a lot of time socializing & playing. We'll spend the rest of this week tweaking (so to speak) & making adjustments & polishing her up :o)

Roxie 2 sends a Happy Birthday to her Momma!! Roxie had a fun weekend playing & laying in the yard. She's doing really great. I would like to work on place a bit more & work on her ignoring people food, but other than that she should be ready to go home as scheduled!

Thank you guys so much for being patient while we get through the unexpected death of one of our young horses. He will be greatly missed.

Ghost 2001 - 2008

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Kelli said...

Ghost was a very special horse and my thoughts are with you and Tom.