Monday, September 22, 2008

Roxie's One Week Progress Report

Well, Roxie has been with me for one week. She has come a long way in one week. She has learned all her Basic Obedience commands as well as to kennel up on command, ring the potty bells, she no longer howls when she's left alone outside or in her crate. She is playing with the smaller dogs & starting to show interest in the larger ones. She's definitely knows the meaning of "no". She can stay on her place for over an hour without getting off of it. She'll stay on her place while I leave the room or go out of her sight. This coming week we're going to practice all the commands she's learned around heavier distractions & holding her commands (sit, down & place) for extended periods of time. I'll, of course, continue working on her socialization with the other dogs.

Boomer & Roxie enjoying the nice weather!

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