Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Coco, the Man

Coco had a busy day today. He & Henry joined me at the horses this morning & then we made a field trip to the feed store. He was a little nervous about saying hello to the men but he loved the lady who owns the store..... she cheated though...... treats :o) After we got home we worked on his on leash obedience commands. He's become quite obstinate the past few days about minding. Not abnormal..... just one of those things. He has yet to ring the potty bells but he's been very consistent about not pottying in the house either. He's made friends with Boomer since all Boomer can do is lay around & rest. I guess that's Coco's favorite activity as well :o) Tomorrow's another big day visiting the clinic for Boomer's recheck so Coco gets to visit all the Dr.'s & technicians & clients again. The socialization has been great for him!

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