Monday, September 22, 2008

Roxie Mania

I have two Roxie's to train!! The new Roxie is mix breed little girl. She's here for the Basic Obedience, some socialization, & potty training. Over the weekend "Roxie 2", we'll call her, worked on getting used to the gang & myself. She has been a bit nervous of being around new people. Today, Monday, Roxie 2 learned her manners to not jump up, no pulling on the leash, to heel nicely on my left side & to sit when we stop. She's a smart girl. She's going to do great!

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Kelli said...

YAAY Roxi-Girl!!!! We miss you and love you so very much! I know you will do good for Miss Ashleigh and learn lots of new fun things....which will make Daddy VERY happy! We will continue to check your progress and send our hugs and kisses!