Monday, September 15, 2008

New Roxie Pup for training!

This is Roxie, an almost 4 month old Rottweiler puppy. She has come here to learn the intermediate level of obedience along with some potty training, & socialization with other dogs. Her mom & dad brought her from McDonough....what a trek. She will be with us for roughly two weeks (unless she needs a bit more :o) So far we've just done a bit of socialization with her around the gang. I think she's had some encounters with other dogs on a leash but maybe not one on one playing action because she was very over whelmed & a bit freaked out of the other dogs at first. She didn't have a positive reaction to seeing them so we'll need to work on that. We want her to be friendly with other dogs.

Today Roxie will be joining me on a trip to the horses & a walk at the park. We're also going to work on her manners when she greets stranger, which she already does very well. We're also going to work on her timidness around the other dogs & continue working on helping her to understand the potty bell! Check back in later for progress on Roxie's first day!

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