Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Henry's Off Leash Continues

Henry had a big, great morning of off leash work at the horses. He did just lovely! He's responding very well to his off leash commands & isn't requiring a whole lot of correction. He stays close & comes back every time you call him. Now if we could just get him to be that smooth about ringing the potty bells.....
He played smoochy face with the horses, some more. The horses have seen a lot of dogs but for some reason they take an extreme liking to him. Maybe it's his Fraggle Rock appearance & cute eyes :o) Either way, they are very taken by him. We went to the feed store for more shavings & Henry said hello to everyone nicely. A little girl, maybe 2yrs, came screaming waving her arms up to him & he was very excited but sat nicely and let the little girl smack his face and try to eat his nose. He was a perfect gentlemen. Since he did so wonderful this morning, I'm going to let him be lazy & hang out the rest of today. Maybe we'll hear the sound of sweet, sweet potty bells ;o)
Henry enjoyed his Nyla bone

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