Thursday, September 25, 2008

Roxie 1 - "She Works Hard for the Money"

"She works hard for the money..." That's what I'm singing working with Little Roxie. She is definitely making me work for this one. She absolutely knows all the commands now & she absolutely like to push the envelope. She likes to have the last word, so to speak, when I tell her to do something. She'll do it but she's likes to do it on her time & in her way. Definitely not something I like to see. She's also started being very sneaky when she's on her place. She sniffs around like she's not doing anything & then BAM!! She takes off running through the house as fast as she can at the speed of light & runs back to her place as if to say "I'm on base. You can't get me." She's quite the stinker. She is still doing well with the potty training though. A few times she hasn't been ringing the bell but she whines near the back door. I remind her to ring the bell & then she goes out. She is socializing great with the other dogs. She took a field trip to my mom's house yesterday along with Boomer, Ruger & Chase. Roxie played great with my mom's dog as well as with my guys. She's really coming around. She isn't bothering things in the house that aren't hers.... which is great. We just have to work on her blasting through the house like a maniac. That won't be a good thing when she's much larger. Hopefully we can get her under wraps & responding better off the leash before this weekend otherwise I might need to keep her a bit longer to work out the kinks :o)

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