Friday, January 23, 2009

For Every Good Day. . .

Well, I'm starting to notice that for every good day of training Jemma there are 3 or 4 bad. She is scheduled to go home tomorrow which I am sad about because I've loved having a second Dane around, but from a training stand point, she could really benefit from staying a bit longer. Today she has really been fighting me on everything. Her momma is definitely going to have to be more firm and persistent than Jemma chooses to be. She is on her place right now thinking about the lesson we just had. I've noticed that when there is something or nothing going on that Jemma wants to be a part of she will throw an all out temper tantrum, like a 3 year old. She's going to get it. . . some just take a bit longer than others. She needs to use that sass & attitude towards a job, like search training or scent work or agility would be great for her confidence!! But on a positive note, Jemma ignores the counters completely now, so no counter surfing, she stays on her place just wonderfully. She stayed put while I worked Gus as well as cleaned the kitchen up & returned some work e-mails. I'd say it was about 2 hours. Then we had a break time & a bit of playtime outside & now she's crashed out hard asleep on her place. She is doing great at the horses now. She's not fearful at all & she even seems to be excited when we pull up. It's great. Well, keep your fingers crossed that this morning's lesson nipped the last of the sass in the bud. We'll have a better lesson this evening; I can feel it!!

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