Monday, January 12, 2009

Where Have All the Bad Dogs Gone?

Sunshine & I took a short trip to the park today to work on passing unruly bad dogs that aren't trained ;o) Wouldn't you know it..... not a one! There were roller bladers & bikers. She acted, for a split second, like she might want to go ba-zurk-o but she held herself together looked up at me like she knew she made the right decision & she pranced like she was proud of herself. Such a sweet girl. I just love her. We'll see what the park offers tomorrow morning.


gailzip said...

Wow. Rollerbladers would be a great distraction for our girl. Can't imagine seeing that reaction. Franny is looking forward to learning from her.

mrsbentley519 said...

I think all the bad dogs are at your house becoming good dogs :-P