Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jemma, Jemma, Bo-Bemma.....

Jemma had a pretty easy day. We worked on her place command for a while this morning as well as heeling w/auto sit, sit-stays, down-stays, come from a distance, & I set her up placed food on the edge of the counter to see if she's try to take it (glad to report, she didn't). I'm going to set her up again because I know that's a big problem that her mom would like to see corrected. She's responding much better to her commands today. OH MY! Jemma is the poopingest pup I've ever met in my life. We definitely need to get on the same schedule as far as her #2 schedule goes. She goes outside for a while, we work for a bit & then she goes in her crate while I work someone else and. . . . she poops and then she poops again when I get her back out about 30 minutes later & we go back outside!! Where is is all coming from!! She's not having accidents in the house at all, which is great. She always goes to the door.... it's just in her crate. Ewwie. But on a better note, she's warming up to me much more today. She's trying to give me lots of smooches & wanting to please when we work on her obedience. I think she's going to be just fine. She's really going to blossom when we start working on her socialization with people!

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