Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Sunny looking so purdy on her place

Goodness Gracious with this rain. I'd like to say things are progressing wonderfully but due to the wonderful weather conditions. . . we're not. Sunshine is doing great at everything we've worked on up to this point. All her on leash commands around heavy distractions, she's holding her commands for extended periods of time inside & out, she's responsive to all the commands in doors off the leash but we really really need work on her off leash outside around distractions. She did awful at place on Saturday in the beginning. Every few minutes she'd get up & walk around like she'd lost her mind, she got up when UPS rang the bell, when my neighbor dropped by but she finally got the idea she's was supposed to stay on her place through the long haul. She hung out on her place again that evening through dinner & a movie, right up to bed time. She did fantastic!! At this point we just really need to focus on her off leash control, i.e. going for walks without a leash, control at the park. She's going to hang out a few extra day so hopefully this dreary weather will move out & give us the opportunity to work outside!

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gailzip said...

Welcome to our world of UPS and FedEX!