Friday, January 23, 2009

Gus Is A Remote Collar Super Start

Gus has taken to the remote collar so wonderfully. It has really brought things together for him & he's doing better than great now. He's responding with very little correction at all from the collar but when he does need to be corrected he's super responsive. He doesn't freak out he just stops the behavior he's doing & runs to me as if to say sorry & then goes about his business. We have a birthday party at the dog park to attend on Sunday, which his momma will be at. So, that will be the ultimate test. I'm hoping it goes well, especially since its on my day off. I just want to enjoy the day & not have to make it too much of a training session. We'll see. Gus is definitely a dog that wants to please but he also has a side that knows if you're not in control or not & if you give him an inch, he'll take 10 miles. He's going to need to stay on a "short leash" metaphorically speaking when he returns from training. He's going to have to earn all his privileges back as his behavior improves. He's here until Wednesday morning, so we should have everything wrapped up by then. He'll be great!

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