Tuesday, January 13, 2009

She Has A Sunny Outlook on Life ;o)

My favorite picture of Sunshine - Smiley Girl!
Little Miss Sunshine had a great day. We went for a short walk around the park again today & she didn't react to anything. We didn't do it off leash. I wanted to make sure while she was on the leash that she would be a good girl; and she was. I'm so proud of her. She is very social with the other dogs. If I see she might even be thinking of acting inappropriately with the other dogs, I tell her "no" she walks away with her tail wagging & goes about her business. She's such a lover. She just melts my heart. Such a sweet girl. After the park this morning Sunshine practiced her place command while I straightened up the house & paid a few bills. She does great at her place command. We'll work on it again tonight at dinner. I'll be sad for Sunny to go home Thursday but I know her family is ready for her to be home!

Hello down there
Sunshine bonding w/Ty & Chase
So cute

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gailzip said...

Are you sure you are bringing back to us the dog we saw you walk away with a few weeks ago????