Thursday, January 8, 2009

Training in Progress

I am happy to report we had a few hours of sunshine yesterday to work Sunny. We went on a walk off leash & worked in a fenced area on her off leash commands. We have a lot of work to do in this department. She didn't do terrible but her focus was definitely not on me & I didn't feel confident that she'd respond if there were huge distractions around. So we worked again this morning in the lovely sunshine. I think she's so happy to just be outside in the sun that she just doesn't want to pay attention. Not a big deal, just a thing we have to work through. We'll work again this evening & hopefully again tomorrow. Saturday is calling for rain but we'll see. Next week we're moving on to harder distractions (strange dogs, cars, other cats, dog park). I'm very excited to be out of the house & moving forward with her training! Oh, she is doing FABULOUS on her place command. She stays on place while we eat dinner, I can answer the door, check the mail, take a shower, watch a movie & she stays nicely on her place with her Nyla bone. She's no longer tempted by the other dogs walking around or a crazy cat running past her or me leaving the room. She's such a good girl.

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gailzip said...

Guess Sunshine is in your charge for a while longer! So glad to hear she is making progress.