Thursday, March 12, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

It's been so beautiful these last few days I've been busy, busy, busy with the dogs. Jet is coming along very well. He's a very, very smart boy. He plays great with the other dogs but he actually prefers people, me specifically :) He's such a lover. Over the last few days we've covered heel with an auto-sit, sit-stays, down at the side, down-stays & all around distractions. He's doing very well. Here he is holding his sit & his down command. Such a good boy! I cut his nails today. It started off great, until he realized what I was doing & then he had a melt down. . . . full out tantrum. We quickly worked past that & I finished cutting his nails & ended with a massage :) I don't think he realized he got a massage with his pedicure. We'll start adding more distractions over the next few days as well as teach the come with an auto-sit, & the ever popular "place" command!!

Kitt has made great stride over the last few days. I've been spending time having him greet women specifically because he has some dominance issues we need to work through although getting him neutered ASAP will help to ensure this behavior subsides & isn't a continuing issue. He is now greeting people with a sit & being calm. He's figured out he doesn't get to say hi until he holds up his end of the deal :) He's a very sweet boy & super smart! We've refreshed his heel with an automatic sit, sit-stay, down at the side, down-stay, come with an auto-sit, & his place command. I don't think he knew what "no" meant, so he's definitely making great progress in understanding what that means. He hasn't had any more issues with marking in the house but I don't trust that this issue won't happen again in a new environment or back in his own environment until he's neutered. He's an intact male, acting like an intact male...... can ya blame him :) He is not stealing random items around the house now. I think that behavior stems from boredom & wanting attention...... he was getting attention, just in a negative way. Today we worked on him following his commands around distractions. He was told to stay on his place command with enticing items placed around him (treat container, vacuum running, chain, shoes, closed pocket knife, socks, paper, etc). He did great. Then I released him from his place command & he had to make the decision to continue ignoring the items. He sniffed them all & walked away. Great choice Kitt!! Now that he has expectations of him, rules, boundaries & a job he's falling into place wonderfully! I adore him & think he's going to make a fantastic pet for his family.

Lucy, Lucy, Lucy. Lucy had a productive day to say the least. She's really starting to come out of her shell & show her true colors & I'm able to correct the serious behavior problems that her family was concerned about. She's food & toy aggressive (or so I heard) but she hadn't showed that until today over the water bowl. She lost her mind on Diesel today & she had to be put in her place immediately. I'll set the same scenario up tomorrow & see if we made progress. I've taken her to the park since it's been so nice. I'm having people come up to her & pet her. She's super hestant but tolerates it because she has to. She's no longer barking at strangers or acting aggressively if people approach her in her crate. That's tremendous progress for her considering her first day......

We'll continue the park visits & meeting new people & kids. She's doing great with her off leash obedience. I'm working on that around the heavy distractions of playing with the other dogs & being called inside. She's doing pretty good. She hesitates but is learining quickly :)

P L A Y T I M E!

Ruger, Diesel, Lucy, Boomer & Kitt Lucy & Maddie Boomer & Kitt.... Kitt doing his favorite activity....sniff sniff
Playing chase!
Tanner & Kitt...... sniff, sniff, sniff.....again

Run Boomer...... Run!

Kitt loves exploring Lucy & Kitt finishing up the day with "place" command. All that play made for some tired pups :)

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