Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Boomer & Niles resting after a long day of training.
Niles is my little Mexican jumping bean. He does NOT stop moving unless you make him stop moving. The place command has been great. He's finally getting to where he'll venture outside without me & I think he might even be great friends with Boomer! They've been my snuggle buddies when work is over & we're just relaxing. He's doing okay with his obedience. He is VERY defiant & stubborn. He really likes to test the waters to see if you're going to make him follow through all the time, every time. So, we're working on that. We're going to work a lot today on him holding his commands he knows, sit, down & place commands. Hopefully I'll be able to add in more distractions soon. He's going to get a bath today, along with Chaser & Tanner because they messy, messy, puppies :o) More to come later with Niles!!
Niles practicing his place command

Niles practicing his sit(stay) command. Such a good boy!

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