Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday, Monday

Thank goodness it's Monday and there's not more rain. We didn't have a fun weekend staying in all weekend & not playing. The dogs were restless, I was restless because they were restless, & now I just have a swampy, muddy yard so they're going to have to deal with it for one more day while this sun dries everything out :) We're going to the park for a bit today & then just working on place. I taught Niles place this weekend because he had to learn patience. He gets waaaay too excited & doesn't think about things. He's doing pretty well considering he's still a baby :) We'll be able to work today on him heeling at the park & meeting people. He's finally on a good potty schedule & no more pottying in the crate. Sometimes that working out period happens. But he's doing awesome now. He is a great snuggler. He & Boomer like to snuggle behind my knees if I'm laying on the couch. It's too cute.
Kitt is schedule to go home tomorrow. Ruger & Jake will be sooooo sad. He's been best friends with them while he's been here & now they won't have anyone to wrestle with. Lucy is doing great. Just the occasional reinforcement of "no" around toys or the water bowl but she hasn't had anymore episodes since the last one. She's such a good girl. Once the yard dries up & I can get more pictures of everyone I'll post a better update & show everyone's progress!

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