Monday, March 9, 2009

Lucy Pictures..... Can you believe it!!

It took me 20 minutes & quite a few corrections to keep her from turning her head away form the camera but I got them...... Here's Lucy!! I'm going to try & get more of her tomorrow playing since it's supposed to be so beautiful again! We're also going to make a trip to the park to work with Kitt's manners around people so it's a perfect time to have Lucy out meeting & greeting people as well! She's doing so great. This week everything should come together & she should be ready to go home pretty soon. If I can get a helper I'll try to get some video of Lucy working & being social! :)


vikrant said...

hey this vick. this my first time writing here. dont know what 2 say, all the progress that lucy is doing i have been proud of her. ashley thank you for helping us out and what u have dont w lucy is incredable. i dont miss my baby very much day by day cant wait for her to be home and play w her. thankz to ashley now i would be able 2 take her w me where ever i go. thankz ashely. i love what u r doing keep doing it. oh and congcrats on the trademark. we really appreciate what u going w this dogs. i read the blog everyday.

vikrant said...

Hey this vick again, I was typing using my phone and typing and I made a mistake insted of saying I do miss my baby lucy very much day by day. I said I don't miss my baby. I just wanted to correct myself .