Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Okay, let's play a little catch up here. . . .

Monday was Jet's last day. He did SOOOO great. He's much more calm & patient than before. His family missed his so much & was very happy to have him home. He has strict instructions to keep socializing with people & practice place quite a bit to reinforce that patience I've been trying to teach him. I hope to have more great updates of Jet later on!

Kitt & Lucy are doing just great. We've been taking a lot of field trips to Petco & the park so they both can meet people. Kitt is doing very well with his manner. He even got a compliment from a man who couldn't believe he's still a puppy. Great job Kitt!! Lucy is much more accepting of people & is doing great with her off leash work.

Mesa, the Pitt has joined us for boarding just until today & then she's off for a fun trip to New Mexico. We always enjoy having her & she's been an extra love but towards me so I gotta love that ;) She & Duke have played like crazy puppies the last two days as well.

We also have a new trainee!! Niles! He's a 4 1/2 month old Boston Terrier. He is here for the Advanced Obedience & he's a complete love bug! He's not too sure of the other dogs & seems to be more taken with people than playing at this point. Yesterday I picked him up. We first fitted him for his new jewelry ;) (his training collar) & then started teaching him his manners with walking on his leash & meeting people without jumping up. A+ on both counts. He's a very smart little guy. He did great in his crate & today we're going to focus on heel w/auto sit, sit-stay, & "at ease"!! More to come on Niles...... and pictures too.

(I left the camera at the barn because we have a baby due in the new few days & I wanted to make sure not to miss taking pictures. I'll have updated pictures today!)

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Ann said...

You really nailed Niles. He is a love bug.