Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hello Della Mae

This is Della. She's a 1yr old Terrier Mix. She is staying the week with us learning her Basic Obedience along with socializing her. She has some fear aggression issues with other dogs & she's gotten a bit too big for her britches :o) I picked her up yesterday and right from the get go.....no issues. The whole ride home..... no issues (with other dogs in the car & her in a crate). When we got home to introduce her to the gang......no issues. And then last night before bed time she got huffy because one of our big dogs was staring at her wagging his tail & she WENT BAZURKO all of a sudden. I corrected her with the leash & collar & told her "no, no, no" she stopped immediately & then all was right with the world :0) The lawn company is coming today so I'll be interested to see if she shows her true colors with people working in the yard.

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