Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Jet's 1 week update!

It's been 1 week of Jet's training now! He's come a long way this past week. He is heeling at my left side & sitting every time we stop. He does his sit & down stays pretty well. He's better in a down that in a sit. His little butt propels him when he's in a sit :) He's coming when called & sitting in front of me, he's doing his place command very well. Since it rained all weekend & then some, I had plenty of time to work on place with everyone! Hopefully it'll dry up so we can start the off leash part of his training. He's doing very well coming when called if he's outside playing so I don't expect much trouble from him. He'll be super responsive to the advanced obedience if his family decides to go that route later on! So, Jet is right on track & will be ready to go home next week!

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