Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday Update

I think PetSmart & Petco are starting to get annoyed with me.... Because of the not so great weather I've been having field trips to Petco or PetSmart to work with Lucy meeting people & being out around "big scary things" as well as Kitt's manners meeting people. They both are doing great & really nothing to report on in that department. The rest of today we're just going to work on Lucy being on place & Kitt not in a command but I've placed items on the floor & on low tables to see if he tries to take them. He hasn't messed up & taken things that aren't his but I just want to make sure since he goes home next week. I'll have to keep a close eye on him though as marking in the house is still an activity he's like to partake in. That's the unneuteredness speaking to him :)

Nyles..... Niles....... whichever way it is spelled (I keep typing Nyles) is doing pretty well. He is very people oriented. He certainly isn't bothered by the other dogs & definitely doesn't seem intimidated by them at all but he prefers to be around people. He's doing very well with his commands & the obedience part of the training but he's having a time with learning Independence & patience & pottying outside; especially since the rain. He does NOT want to potty outside he will save it for his kennel. It's going to take him a few days to get into the swing of things & get on a good schedule. Other than that, he is a doll & soooo sweet. He loves everyone. He's learning how to be calm & not jump on people when he meets them, heel at my left side & sit when we stop, sit (stays) & I think I'm going to do place next because he really needs to learn this whole patience thing.
The Distraction Proofing Clinic for this Saturday is cancelled due to the weather. Catch the next one in April on my events page.

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Anonymous said...

It's Niles Edmundson (two "d"s).