Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Down Day...

Yesterday was a down day for everyone. I was sick, sick, sick all day. So the dogs got extended playtime..... all day :) They were pooped & now everyone is need of baths. A happy dog, evidently, is a dirty dog. So, this morning will be bath day. I did work a very little bit on Lucy's recall off the leash & she did awesome! Her favorite thing is to explore up in the woods. I could call her, give her a remote collar correction if she thought she didn't have to listen & she would come running as fast as she can to sit in front of me. Yay, Lucy!! So today it's back to business & instead of having the weekend off, we'll work through the weekend. I'm going to take Kitt to PetSmart & the dog park today to work on his off leash commands around heavy, heavy distractions & see how he greets people off the leash with out me right there. I'm excited to see how that plays out. Jet needs some work on heeling off the leash. He's still pulling ahead. He's kind of a do now & think later kinda guy. He has to learn to sloooooooow doooooown & think about things for a half a second. But he's sooo sweet & such a good boy.

OH! BIG NEWS!! Happy, the 1 year Golden Retriever I trained a while back was in need of a home. The family is thinking of relocating to a new place (not supposed to say where) & they needed a good home for her. So, we're taking her...... well sort of. He's technically going to be Jack's dog but he'll visit whenever Jack is here. Every 13 year old boy needs a dog to grow up with. He's been in looooove with Happy since I trained her so it's a perfect match. She's going to spend the rest of this week with me so I can refresh her manners, which she's doesn't really need much of, & then I'll spend some time teaching Jack everything about her & her schedule. So, super exciting news for Happy!

Well, I hope you enjoy playtime pictures!

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