Monday, March 23, 2009


I hope everyone had a great weekend! Too beautiful to not have enjoyed it. Lucy, Jet, & Kitt had a great weekend. We worked through the weekend polishing Jet up on last minute things.... today is his last day :(, working Lucy on her off leash recalls & working Kitt on meeting people. We had a few visitors this weekend & Kitt did wonderful. Don't get me wrong..... he's very happy people have come to see him (in his mind) but he's not longer jumping, mouthing at their hands, or goosing people. He actually stayed on his place the whole time until I released him to say hello to everyone. He did fabulous! Lucy is no longer barking excessively when people come over..... come to think of it she didn't bark at all. She sniffed the company & then went and laid down in the kitchen. I was very please to see that. She's not overly social, like Kitt, but she's not fearful & acting aggressively anymore. A+ for Luce :) Jet is a funny boy. He's doing great 99% of the time & then every once in a while he has a puppy melt down where he feels like he can't control himself. He sounds overly dramatic for about 5 seconds then he composes himself & follows through with the commands. He's such a great boy! Today we have another field trip planned so more updates later on......

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