Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bye Bye Rafter :'(

Yesterday was Rafter's go home lesson. At least one of the two of us was happy to for him to be home. He knew when we pulled onto his street where he was. He could barely contain himself. We got there a bit early so we worked in his neighborhood, which was great..... wait. Rewind back to yesterday morning. Rafter & I had a follow up lesson at Tribble Mill Park with Shelly, the Bichon Puppy. We had hoped to work on her distraction proofing but of course it was 32 degrees & maybe 3 people in the whole entire park. Rafter lost his mind at first when he say Shelly. I had no idea he liked her so much. So it was a perfect opportunity to work on him. So fast forward back to when I worked him in his neighborhood. He was great! It's so funny how his outlook on life is (in the best "which way did he go George" voice) "I'm Rafter & you must be here to see me, yep, yep, yep. Ooooh, that dog in that fenced in area.... for me. That car driving by slowly.....for me." He's such a goof ball. He did very well. He of course tried his old tricks but his mom did fantastic is reinforcing the techniques I taught her. He's so much like a Golden Retriever in the sense that he likes to bring you things & he's quite pleased with himself because of it. We'll have a follow up lesson next week or the following to see how Rafter is making out now that he's back at home.
Rafter was so excited to get his soccer ball & PLAAAAY!!

Isn't he handsome!!

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