Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kitt - Week 1

Kitt has been here 1 out of his 3 weeks & he is doing fabulous! He is very stubborn & you have to be direct & firm with him but once he knows how things are he's very willing to comply! He's very excitable when meeting new people, but he's no longer jumping, mouthing or humping them!! He worked on place all weekend, because of the rain, so he's doing excellent at that! He's following all this obedience commands around heavy distractions with very little slip ups. We have a new PetSmart opening here so he'll get a field trip to work on meeting people again this week! He's super responsive to the remote collar & ALWAYS comes when called. He wasn't bad at coming when called before he just hesitated & sometimes preferred to come at his leisure. Now he runs as fast as he can & sits down in front of you waiting for his praise. Such a sweet, good boy! More updates to come on Kitt!

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