Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bad Doodle, Baaaaad

Kinsley learned what not to do. I imagine his thought process when something like this....

" Oh, Miss Ashleigh is calling me inside. Yea..... I don't think I'm going to go to her. No, wait, I'll act like I'm on my way to her & then I'll dart away at the last second. YES!! This will be so fun. Here I go..... Yes Miss Ashleigh I'll come to you since you are telling me to come (hahahaha) NOT!!!!! She totally fell for it. Man I'm so smart!! This is a great fun game. Wow, look at her face now..... she doesn't look like she had fun playing that game with me. In fact, she looks a little mad actually..... Hmmm???? Let me try again. Maybe she didn't understand this fun game. Let me try again..... Here I go. You silly Miss Ashleigh, I'm coming right to you because you just called me (hahhhahhahaa) NOT!!! MAN!! Two times in a row! This is awesome. Wait, where'd she go?? Ooooh, she has a leash in her hands, this can't be good. She's walking towards me with a really angry look on her face..... she's leashing me up & not even saying anything to me, uh-oh..... Oh crap, I'm being corrected all the way back to the door where she called me in the first time. Dang, maybe I shouldn't play that game with her when she's calling me inside. I'm a bad, bad doodle..... Sowweee Miss Ashleigh."

Now he knows to always come when called :o) He's been very attentive since he got in trouble & hasn't left my side. Hopefully lesson learned & we can move past that. Other than that little incident he's doing excellent. I'll be setting him up for another scenario where I'm calling him inside again to see if he makes the right decision. Silly doodle :o) He's still a good boy even if he did lose him mind for a few moments.

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pjorcutt said...

Can't wait to meet him!