Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hello Gracie

This is Gracie, Dr. Andy's dog from Chattahoochie Animal Hospital. She will be with me for about a month learning the Advanced Obedience while they travel. She is Bella's younger sister, the Golden I trained last year that is the most beautimus lady ever. Gracie is FULL of life, energy, & herself. She is loving being around the other dogs & would prefer playtime to working but she's coming along nicely. She's not jumping up or pulling on the leash. Starting tomorrow, Monday, I'll begin working on her formal commands & getting her to slooooooow down. Her mind is going 200 miles a minute & she just wants to play or eat everything she sees, lol. She's a funny girl & too darn cute. Duke has loved having her around. She & Scarlet, the Spinone, are the best of friends & love, love, love eachother! Updates on Gracie later on :o)

Duke & Gracie play'n

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