Monday, May 25, 2009

Scarlet & Moooooe

The Spinone duet are doing very well. Moe is coming along with flying colors. He is so soft-hearted & willing to please. I've already started on his off leash & he's doing excellent at this point. He's working under minimal distractions at this point. This upcoming week will really be working him around heavy distractions & finishing him up. Scarlet on the other hand keeps me on my toes......constantly. She is not so willing to please & has an exuberant, excited, get into everything, see everything, sweetness to her. She needs CONSTANT reinforcement & is not minding on first command at all. I still have quite a bit of work to do with her to get her ready to go home on time..... she is most likely going to need added time with me. She definitely not a bad girl at all; she just has her own agenda :o) Her potty training is going pretty well. She drinks a TON of water so this means I'm constantly letting her outside..... I'd say she goes out every 30min to an hour & goes every single time. Her accidents are minimal but she is she is still having them. Mostly due to how distracted she gets when she is outside to do her business. I'll have more updates on the Spinones soon!

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