Sunday, May 3, 2009


My little Bandito (Bandit) is doing very well. He is still very shy & nervous when we go places but he's working through his fears through his obedience. He's learning how to cope around "new scary things", obey all his commands even though he feels nervous, & socialize with new people & dogs! We'll be starting on his off leash work this next week. He is so smart & picks up new commands within a few minutes. He's great to work with! I'd like to say I've gotten some great pictures of him, but he's still phobic of the camera.....well the flash mostly. I can get great pictures of him outside as long as he doesn't see me with the camera :o) He loves being outside but I think he's taken a liking to being my little shadow & he definitely likes the dog beds in my room. He has no problems being lazy & sleeping in the beds all day.
Bandit holding a down although he'd rather run for his life from the camera ;o)
..... and again....... running from the camera
HEY! A good shot outside!!

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