Tuesday, May 19, 2009

mOe MaN uPdAtE!!

Moe is so great. I am in love with him. I've been able to move a bit faster with him because I realized he already knows the commands (sit, down, come & heel). Sooo, I've taken this & just advanced things & started making him hold the commands for extended periods of time with heavy distractions around. He's doing excellent..... inside. Outside is a different story :o) He's much more distracted outside & would rather ignore me but that's okay.... that's why he's here. He has been my shadow. He brings me his babies all the time & is quite pleased with himself for doing so. He & Kinsley love to play together! So far nothing but good things to report on Mr. Moe Man!
Moe's sit-stay

Down-stay Handsome face

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