Sunday, May 3, 2009


Kinsley is doing awesome. I've noticed a nervous, anxiousness about him.... not sure if I've mentioned that. He doesn't act scared at all. He just does a constant heavy panting...... which is anxiety. I think he's excited & just needs some work learning how to slooooooow dowwwwwn a bit and think about things. He's doing really great. He loves playing with the other dogs! I've told my uncle I'd teach him to get the paper for him so that's in the works this next week. Basically from here on out I'm just going to be working on polishing up his obedience, getting him out & around as many new things as possible, teach him to get the paper ..... which will take a bit of time to get him to just run down the driveway by himself & retrieve the paper & work on his excited/nervous thing. We've got a full schedule for him the next few week!
Hello cute boy!

"No, Jake. This is how you shake"
Bandit & Kinsley playing chase.... it only lasted about 1 minute & then Bandit was ready to come inside :)

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